2712E RPM


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My boat is powered by a 80HP L

My boat is powered by a 80HP Lehman 2712E. I'm not sure of the model year but I have serial number info.

I'm trying to determine the maximum RPM for this motor.

Any suggestions or info?
"Hi machmac,
Some information

"Hi machmac,
Some information may be on the Service Identification Plate that should be fixed to the flywheel housing of the engine. It has a section specifying RPM. This can be determined by the head used on the engine. Do you have a manual. If so see page 6.
"Hi K,
i have the same engine

"Hi K,
i have the same engine, the max. rpm is 2400 1/s
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I saw here that the Water Mota Sea Scout MK 2 was ''based on'' the Lehman 2712E, does that mean they are the same engine? I had called Water Mota and they said they do not have anything to do with these engines any more, they referred me to Stevensons Marine but they do not answer either of their phones or reply to my emails, the same for American Diesel. The boat is in the Caribbean and I want to have my engine rebuilt completely so I need the parts for this, does anyone have any ideas?