79 Johnson Javelin 100hp V4 power trim/tilt questions.


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Hey there guys I'm working on my 79 Johnson 100 v4 with power trim/tilt. I don't believe the previous owner wired this up correctly and seems it's missing a box where either solenoid or solenoid fuse and relays would hook up. I've been diagnosing why my entire ignition failed starting with finding the rectifier was blown due to a short that led to the relays that control the power trim and tilt. The hot wire from the battery to relays had a short to ground which explained why the rectifier was blown. The previous owner had wired a toggle switch at the stern into the relays to raise and lower the motor when trailering. It is an absolute mess with no mounts just two relays dangling in the fuel tank area hanging from the toggle switch which is only thing holding the relays suspended. I want to clean this all up and have a better location as in the battery compartment area. It is a 3 wire motor blue green and black and then two wires from the I believe motor position switch mounted on the side of the motor stern bracket? Now does this particular power trim/ tilt need to have a solenoid 30amp fused(for up) and just one relay or how exactly should it be wired? The way it is now it works up and down with the up down switch at the helm on the dash and the toggle at the back but still need to see what's causing the short and get this thing cleaned up and mounted correctly with the correct components. Thanks for any insight guys!
Ok thanks, I found a used solenoid box assembly with harness on eBay that matches the diagram in the manual. That's my missing link the guy didn't have with the motor that is on my boat.