D50-1 How governor is attached to governor rod


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I cannot figure out how governor is attached to governod rod (which controls fuel low in jerk pumps). Accelator lever is directly connected to governor lever and governor lever is connected to governor rod. But how governor (which is located in camshaft) is connected to governor rod?

As far as I understand governor's job is control fuel flow when engine's load increases/decreases.

I have read all the manuals in www.bmwmarine.com very well but still have that question!

The governors role on that engine is to prevent it from 'running out'.
When the engine hits 3200, the centrifugal forces on the governors weights will force the governor shaft to act on the pumps and reduce injected amount. If not mistaken in memory, by pulling the rod between the pumps forward.
Simply a mechanical rev limiter.
When that engine is stopped, the actuator rod between the pumps is always in 'full throttle' position.
If one of the pumps seizes and the governor is not strong enough to pull the rod - 5000 and the valve tappets jumps off!
Thanks for information!

I still wondering that is it correct that I noticed rod between pumps is moving only maybe half a inch (about 15mm) between "stop" position and "full throttle" position when i move accelelator lever. So I have to be very caferull when I install throttle cables from cockpipt if movement is so "sensitive"?

I have a project boat and that's why I have so much questions.
Originally that engine used a springloaded end piece on the cable compressing the spring when in idle.
The D50-1 versions had a mechanical stop. When released, the throttle lever moved further back to stop position due to the pre-loaded spring.
The D50-II had an electric stop, but still used the springloaded end piece.
If not mistaken, Yanmar used something similar on their gearshift cables to get a quicker shifting on the box.