ESKA Owners and parts manual

I have a 10 page Eska ?Owners? manual which according to the parts page covers: 1122-B,1153-A, 1142-B,1145-A,and 1157 engines. FREE to anyone who wants it. It shows parts numbers, quantity needed, and a blowup diagram showing relative positions of parts to each other.
Hi old dog, I have been looking everywhere for an Eska manual. I recently inherited a 3hp Eska, but have been struggling to find any parts information.
Old dog mailed me that hard copy manual. There is not much in it. If you PM me an email addy, I’ll digitize & send it to you.
the service manual that guy, above, posted is of much more value.
if you need parts such as carb kits,the powerhead is simply a lawnmower engine, any lawnmower shop can probably help you.
there are a couple online stores that know lots about those motors, do a search here, using Eska, or Ted Williams.
ive posted to a couple of threads with the links to two of the shops that deal in parts for those motors. I’ve never personally dealt with them, but several have posted they were very helpful.
Old Dog actually sent the original hard copy of the manual to me last year.
Go up to the link from Guy48, the Service Manual he has made available is of far more use than the “Owners Manual”
Ill email you a copy of the owners manual, but don’t get too excited, there’s not much in it.
My scanner won’t work with the new computer..& I dont have a digitized copy…I know, should have had it backed up. I can take photos of each page & email them to you. Don’t get too excited, the owners manual really does not have much in it. Things like don’t put your foot in the prop etc!
Scroll up to Guys post, & download the service manual, it has far more information.
I have an owners manual for a 1980 Gamefisher. 217.585840 if anyone needs it. I don't want to post my email address here though. If someone needs it they can message me. I also put it out as a Torrent a few years back but see that died. I'm not creating another torrent. Note: This is the first time I've logged in for probably a year. I'll try to remember to check again in a few days.