Evinrude 60HP 2 stroke (3cyl)

Hi all,
New to the forum and new to Evinrude. I'm looking at getting my first solid fishing boat for this upcoming spring and was wondering if the pictures are enough to identify the outboard. The boat was made in '91, and has a 2 stroke Evinrude 60HP with 3 cylinders.
Does anyone have tips of what I should look out for? The thing looks well maintained and (forgive me if I'm wrong) but seems to have a new fuel pump (in the second picture)
Unfortunately I don't have the serial number yet as I haven't gone to see it in person but if anyone can give me some feedback on this thing it would be greatly appreciated đź‘Ť

Cooling tell tale hose does not appear to come off the top of the block.---Service bulleting in 1994 to do that.-----Compression test required BEFORE you spend $$ on this boat.-----Your location?