how to register a trailer in texas ??????


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A long time ago I bought a used Laser sailboat from an ad on CL.
The boat has no legal requirements so I'm OK there. BUT, the seller didn't have any paperwork on the trailer.
I mistakenly thought I could just register it as a homemade trailer.
Trailers under 4000 lbs gvw are not titled but the dmv says I need a bill of sale and a registration renewal notice as proof of ownership.
I had a bill of sale for the boat but not for the trailer.
It has sat unused for years but now I'd like to use it.
Does anyone know how I need to go about getting it registered in my name?
I looked on the TXdmv website and it's confusing and not very helpful.
Ayuh,..... I hear Vermont is easy to register such problem wagons,......
Then do a transfer to Tx,.....
If you are still having trouble with the registration process, you may want to consider consulting with a local attorney or reaching out to the Texas DMV directly for assistance.