Lister SR3 questions


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Hi all, just picked up a boat with an sr3 engine. Steamed home for 5 hours without breaking down but did have an issue with no 1 rocker cover blowing after 2 hours, guessing it was an over heating issue, when I got home I noticed the oil level was a little high so that might have caused it. Oil quality looked ok though. When cooled it ran ok again.
So question one is, do you think the oil level was to blame?

Q2. Can anyone recommend an electric alternative for the mechanical oil pressure sender? It's an open boat and moving the helm to an aft centre console and didn't want to make up new oil pressure pipes.

Q3. The alternator only has 2 wires. I presume the thicker one is + to Bayer and the other would be charge indicator light or an I wrong on that. It's an old Lucas. There are 3 terminals on the alternator but only 2 on the plug



Couldn't get the pic upload to work on my phone so here's some links