Merc 9.9 starting issue


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I have a 1996 Merc 2 strok 9.9 . I would have to double check the year but pretty sure. I have problems starting it but once I get it started it starts first pull . The fuel fulter tank thing has a tube where the gas hose connects. This is where the gas goes in . That piece was broke . It was not cracked or totally broke. It just seemed to loose where I could push it back on. I epoxied and super glued because it was not tight. I pushed the plastic in and epoxied it .

I have to pull it many times it seems to get gas in the carb. Once it starts it starts first pull all night when I walleye fish. I use the trolling motor mostly but restart the gas motor to run to a new spot .

I run the gas out when done fishing due to gelling up. The next time I have to pull many times again. I dont know if I prime it enough to get gas in the carb. I prime till the prim ball feels hard.

I found the piece was broke before when it would not start at all . I pushed it in and would work . I decided to epoxy it at the end of the season .

It seems to have to keep priming and pulling till it finially get gas to start because once it starts I have no problems .Its the first start is where my problem is.
Are you operating the choke / primer on the carburetor in order to start the motor when cold ??
I bought the motor 2 yrs ago. It started right up but found out the gasket was bad at the thermostat and was leaking oil. I put a rebuild waterpump kit on , new thermostat and lower ceals. It seemed good till one day was not starting and after 1 hr I found out the piece plasic pulled out . I pushed back in and started fairly easy couple pulls. The next season it happened a couple times so I glued on . Now I have to pull for a long time sometimes. I winterized it and took maby a dozen pulls to get started. Have to get good hard pulls and may start within a dozen pulls after I fixed the plastic piece.

When I start first I pull the choke all the way out . Sometimes I may push in the middle after no luck . Then may try all in.

I can get it started but sometimes takes many pulls. I see gas on the clear tank where the fuel filter is but cant say if got in the carb enough because I pull the gas hose out after each time.

I am selling the motor and just bought a brand new motor but would like to fix it so I can get more money .

Thanks for your help .
The motor is a 1996 9.9ML 2 stroke serial number 0G389804 . The choke is a pull out 2 positions and it turns to adjust the idle speed. Here is a picture of that .
The piece I epoxied is on the in side of the gas. Its where the tube connects on the right side. The top is 1 piece and from new you would press it in with some type of epoxy to keep it from comming off over time.
I pull the choke out all the way when I first try to start . I am not sure about the idle speed adjuster at this time. I had issue with it starting and I fould out the piece pulled out so I pushed it back in and was fine till fell out again . Then I epoxied it. It always was hard to start taking many pulls but once it would start once was fine the rest of the day . Thanks for your feedback Jack
I got that its not a choke. Do you have to pull it out and that it or do you have to pull it out and push back in once, or twice. I just pull the primer knob out only.

I went home and checked and it appears to be working fine all seems to move correctly.

I am comfident the epoxy is good. Is it hard to replace the diaphragm ?

I may have been doing it wrong because I pulled the prime out and then tried to start. I want to try it again when its warm in the next few weeks.

I just bought a merc 9.9 from Bass pro with a $500 rebate and just want to get this to start up. I may have been doing it wrong after you told me what said. Is that possible? Thanks Jack
I found the instructions to take the primer apart . Mine has a slide block. It looks like when you pull out and when push the primer in it may be when it give a little gas.

I started it couple times through the day and also the next day. I think it was improper starting issue for me. I just got back into fishing and the guy said it was a choke. THANKS for the education. My new motor has a prime ball and you press it a couple times. I would think you would have to do the same on the merc here.