BMW d636 3.6 turbo diesel

Paul Russell

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hi i have a BMW d636 and it smokes over 2600 rpm and loses power i think it could be the turbo but any help would be appreciated (it runs fine up to 2650rpm)
Hi Paul,

I wonder if you have (access) to the engine manual. Been looking like crazy. We got the black engine with the merc o/b. I think its c.a. 180 hp, inline 6, turbo diesel.

In terms of your smoke - 2600 RPM sounds like your over the top-end of the designed RPM limit and not burning excess fuel. Should not happen if the governor is doeing its job.

Hi Beldis,

If you are still looking, I have a shop manual and a parts manual for the d636 turbo diesel. Also for the complete range of 1980s BMW diesels and a couple of the gas inboards as well, also have a few parts. PM me if interested.

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